Life is messy. And when it comes to cleaning it up, you don't have a lot of time.  That's where SpeedZone comes in. 

Designed to be used every day, the SpeedZone includes innovative products to help you with life's daily messes. 

Every home needs to clean in the SpeedZone!  Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages....where's your SpeedZone clean?

 Kitchen Zone

The kitchen is where your family spends a majority of their time so it's no surprise it feels like the place most messes occur!  

From snack spills to broken glass, your SpeedZone Every Day Vacuum will keep your kitchen in a constant state of tidy.

The beauty of the system is it will vacuum floors, drawers, counters and ceilings! How many other instantly available vacuum products have you seen that can do that?

It's too bad we can't get it to empty the dishwasher.  

 Bathroom Zone

The bathroom is a magnet for hair, tissues, lint and powder. Instead of washing these daily messes down the drain, let the SpeedZone Every Day Vacuum keep your bathroom constantly clean!

Floors, drawers, counters are all within reach of your SpeedZone system. No surface is safe from instant vacuum power!

Now if we could only get it to clean toilets, too.  

 Laundry & Utility  Zone

Spilled powder detergent, litter box scatter, lint filling up the dryer screen...your laundry and utility rooms present their own cleaning challenges on a daily basis.

SpeedZone Every Day Vacuum handles all of these messes and more! Floors, counters, inside the dryer lint can easily clean it all!

No more using your hand, or a paper towel or a broom and dustpan. In 5 seconds your messes will be gone!

Also works great in foyers & mudrooms!  

 Garage Zone

You won't realize how often you could use a vacuum in your garage until you have one always there and ready to go! 

Car interiors that seem to collect leaves and dirt from your shoes or crumbs from the kids' snacks will be clean every day. 

Your workbench and tools will be wood chip free and ready for your next project. Cobwebs in the corner will be a thing of the past.