The Smart & Healthy Way to Vacuum Your Home

Are You Tired Of.. 

  • Lugging a portable vacuum around your house?
  • Buying a new vacuum every 3 years?
  • Trying to find the vacuum when you just need to do a quick clean-up?
  • Dusting after you vacuum?

Shouldn't your vacuum be as smart as the rest of your home? With the SmartZone Vacuum System®, it can be!  

The SpeedZone is for everyday fast clean-ups in high traffic areas of the home. Spilled chips on the floor? Cat kicks litter out of the box?  Lint screen filling up? Your SpeedZone products will be used every day for these messes and more.


The HomeZone covers your more thorough deep cleaning. Vacuum ports located through the home provide convenient whole-house coverage. Both standard and retractable systems are available.