Both standard and retractable central vacuum systems are great for light commercial businesses including: healthcare offices, vets, pet groomers, hair salons, nail salons, jewelry stores, car dealerships, day care centers, houses of worship, restaurants and more.

The same benefits central vacuums bring to homes translate to the commercial space. Improved indoor air quality and healthier environments for business employees and patrons.  Up to 5 times more powerful than a portable vacuum to remove dust and debris from all surfaces. The power of a central vacuum combined with the largest selection retractable hose systems and quick-clean accessories like Chameleon®, Vroom®, Vroom Retract Vac® and Spot provide the fastest, most convenient way to clean business and office spaces! 

CHAMELEON® - In-wall central vacuum tubing stores up to 50' of retractable hose for effortless cleaning. Chameleon is convenient, instantly accessible, and fast – simply lift the lid, pull out the amount of hose needed, and when vacuuming is done the powerful suction automatically retracts the hose. No hose to carry around or store. 

VROOM® - Installed in standard cabinets, Vroom is instantly accessible for fast cleanups of daily messes. With an automatic on/off feature, and up to 24' of built-in retractable hose, you simply pull out the hose, vacuum and when done the hose retracts back out of sight until needed again. Easily cleans floors, counters, drawers, equipment and more.

VROOM RETRACT VAC® - Originally designed for garages, Vroom Retract Vac provides up to 40' of retractable hose that’s also perfect for cleaning your entire small business, office and warehouse spaces, including lunchrooms, filing rooms, bathrooms, treatment rooms and labs.

SPOT® - Stores up to 15' of retractable hose in the wall for on-the-spot cleaning in smaller spaces like exam rooms, salon or workstations, waiting rooms, lobbies and entrances.